Lutheran Ministry
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Good Hope/Zion Lutheran Ministry Staff


Our Team


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Rev. Dr. Sandra K. Jones - Pastor

Director of Community Ministries - Leadership Development

Call/Text: 814-516-4002


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Rev. J. Michael Parsh - Pastor

Director of Community Ministries - Program Development

Call/Text: 814-572-1189

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JAn Ruditis

Zion Lutheran Church Administrative Assistant

Tel: 814-676-9115

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Kristen Criado

Good Hope Lutheran Church Organist/Pianist,
Communication Manager, Administrative Assistant

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Tom Neely

Shared Ministry Treasurer


Joyce Frenz

Director of Community Ministries - Community Wellness

Tel: 724-699-0861

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Paige Huffman

Stay and Play Supervisor

Tel: 330-968-8794

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Marcy Amero

Good Hope Lutheran Preschool Director

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Beth Orris

Good Hope Lutheran Church Choir Director

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Charlie Scannell

Good Hope Ground Supervisor

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Jesse Gibson

Zion Lutheran Church Property Manager


Alexandra Dulaney

Zion Lutheran Church Custodian

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Kevin Rush

Zion Lutheran Church Organist